Four Simple Ways to Get Started with Conversion Testing

So, you’re interested in testing some different pages or elements on your site but not quite ready for an all out conversion optimization campaign. From limited resources to skeptical team members, getting started with conversion testing can seem way much daunting than in really is.

Start off simple by making changes in one or two of the following areas on a page that is particularly important to your site, such as your Services or Portfolio page.

  1. Headline – The smallest difference in a website’s can make a remarkable difference in the way visitors behave on a page. Try a couple variations of your current headline, such as posing a question instead of a statement or making a claim that cites percentages instead of fractions. You’ll find that metrics like bounce rate, time on page and click through rates might shift dramatically just from the way frame your readers perspective.
  2. Credibility Builders – Items like trust symbols and testimonial can make a huge difference in your conversion rate. Test a pair of pages with your credibility builders in two different strategic locations, or see how testimonials with pictures of satisfied clients perform against quotes from anonymous strangers.
  3. Call to Action – Get your hands dirty with some direct tests using different calls to action on a given page. For subscription pages, you might start with testing a Submit button against a button that reads Join Free. If you’ve got a key call to action that is currently below the scroll on your site, see how it performs against a test page featuring the same element in a more prominent area higher on the page.

Remember to avoid the slice and dice technique of testing even when you are starting off small. By confining your tests to changes you’ve made to one element at a time, it’ll be easy to see which changes you’ve made that have made a difference once your results start coming in.

Suggested Exercise:

Once you’ve chosen the initial elements that you’d like to test on your site, create two separate pages featuring the changes and run them through a simple test using Google Website Optimizer. There is a great tutorial video available featuring just how easy setting up these tests really is that will walk you through the basics in no time.